Stuart McEwen
EY Canada

Reframing functions — and entire companies — EY’s Stuart McEwen always begins by putting humans at the centre of the transformation process.

Uncover how Stuart is guiding the industry’s approach to expected consumer demand for converged wireline and mobility products today.

Prioritizing anywhere connections is essential for telcos looking to meet evolving consumer expectations. That path forward requires telcos to rethink digital and assisted experiences — and evolve payment platforms — sooner rather than later.

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    How should telecommunications companies deal with the expected shift in consumer demand for converged wired and wireless telecommunications products?

    Historically, Telco services have either been wire line or mobile based, but that's not the way customers actually use these services today.

    So this is why for me, the next generation of Telco services must be based on anywhere connections.

    So what does that mean?

    It means that you or your kids or your business will always be connected to a Telco's network regardless of where you are and add services like video or music content, home automation or even cloud applications when you need them for Telcos. 

    This obviously has massive implications from the front to the back of the house. 

    Good news is that this is prompting a rethink of the digital and assisted experiences that support customers needs in order to remove friction when they buy these services or need help.

    At the same time, technology teams are moving customer and building platforms to the cloud in order to support these new connection based products that aren't dependent on a service address or a telephone number like they traditionally have where I can help you I clients as a transformation architect is to connect the dots across all these activities to develop a realistic road map based on facts and a North Star vision that will deliver value for the long term. 

The Meet the architects transforming TMT series, digs into the evolution of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) with leaders who design, organize and deliver large-scale industry transformation. 

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