Change management and experience

Amongst growing disruption, increased complexity, and heightened employee expectations, new approaches to change management is crucial to drive improved outcomes and greater value realization.

What EY can do for you

Intensifying competition, employee expectations, digital disruption and other forces are stretching today’s organizations thin. Transformation is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

Amid these complexities, transformation programs have struggled to create the value as expected and achieve the desired longevity of outcomes. But sustainable change is within reach — and achieving it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

EY Change Experience is a new, more personalized and immersive approach to change management. It is informed by successful client experience and research with Harvard Business School.  The Change Experience approach addresses four common factors that have the greatest influence on successful outcomes to transform the way employee experiences change and to empower them to achieve the extraordinary.

A steady focus on the employee’s “experience” of change creates a powerful impact at every stage of the change journey, which drives better and more impactful transformation outcomes.  We provide insights that can help organizations adapt to — and even benefit from — the constant challenges of continuous change.

EY Change Experience is underpinned by a powerful analytics platform, EY Change Insights. By bringing advanced analytics to EY award-winning and research-backed Change Experience method, EY Change Insights combines advanced technology with our extensive experience of collaborating with clients to provide successful change on complex transformation programs.

EY Change Insights supports data-led actions for better business outcomes and efficient use of change management effort.

  • Transcript

    Good communication isn’t easy in a world of information overload
    We need a way to cut through the noise to capture attention and inspire action
    Especially as 65% of people are visual learners
    Time to rethink your communications?
    People call it the soft stuff
    In reality, it’s the hard stuff
    Having a clear strategy that is brought to life in exciting and unexpected ways changes behaviour and drives business success.
    We start conversations
    We build connections
    We make the complexe simple
    From banking to building, manufacturing to mining
    We work with your businesses like yours every day to develop authentic communication that converts strategic intent into meaningful engagement
    It’s what we do
    Strategists storytellers and a leading-class ecosystem of creative professionals who help organisations powerfully connect and engage
    We turn content into extraordinary experiences to shift mindsets, catalyse change and inspire.
    Together, let’s find what’s possible

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