andreas fross
The tax landscape is undergoing fundamental changes. We help our clients comply with these regulations and let them benefit from sustainable local tax incentives.

Andreas Fross

Partner, Business Tax Compliance and R&D Tax Incentive Leader | EY Switzerland

Advising Swiss and multinational clients on complex cross-functional projects as a one-stop shop and assisting with all types of Swiss tax compliance (incl. handling of tax audits).

Andreas is a tax partner at EY Switzerland. He is the head of the Business Tax Compliance and runs the Zurich based Business Tax Advisory practice.

He has 15+ years of experience in complex national and international tax advisory projects (e.g. any types of restructurings including large LERPs, supply chain, post M&A integration, R&D and relocation projects) and is well connected with the competent Swiss tax authorities resp. Cantonal tax economic promotion offices.

Andreas was admitted as certified tax expert in 2008 and in addition holds an LLM in international tax law (Vienna University of Economics & Business). Moreover he acquired the title “trustee with Swiss Federal certificate” back in 2004. As such he is a frequent speaker at internal and external events and author of various academic tax articles and books.

Filing taxes used to be a relatively straight forward process. In the aftermath of global (e.g. BEPS, Pillar 2) and radical fast-changing unilateral tax landscape, keeping control and to remain compliant with the global tax reset while at the same time exploiting sustainable local benefits has become a challenge as never before. Our interdisciplinary team is using modern approaches to quickly familiarize with the “big picture”  and provide holistic solutions to either mitigate or optimize the current tax set-up of a Group. The right mix of qualifications and people enables us to provide holistic and robust concepts throughout every stage of the tax life cycle.

We help our clients to stay compliant with all these challenges and optimize their tax structure simultaneously!

How Andreas Fross is building a better working world?

“Key action points on the agenda of our clients these days are to monitor and validate the impact of the constantly and fast-changing global tax landscape, and become compliant, but also to ensure they are fully exploiting of newly introduced local incentives (e.g. R&D related) to retain the Group’s overall ETR at a moderate level”

Worldwide R&D Incentives Reference Guide 2021

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