Photographic portrait of Olaf Toepfer
The fundamental challenge in banking today is rooted in the need to restructure in response to macroeconomic developents while transforming to client-led business models.

Olaf Toepfer

Partner, Banking & Capital Markets Leader | EY Switzerland

Transformation leader. Passionate about shaping the banking industry of tomorrow. Father of 3 kids.

Olaf Toepfer is the head of the Banking & Capital Markets business in EY Switzerland at Ernst & Young AG. In addition, he has an overall, divisional and regional responsibiliy for a global banking account.

He is a member of the Swiss Financial Service Organization (FSO) Leadership Team and is deputy of the Swiss FSO leader. Olaf Toepfer joined in 2014.

How Olaf is building a better working world

Under the lead of Olaf and with the ambition to inspire, connect and enable tranformers in the industry, EY and HSG have founded the Swiss think tank “Redesigning Financial Services” (RFS). Today, RFS is sponsored by leading Swiss and global Financial Services institutions and recognized as a community of next-generation leaders.

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