Photographic Portrait of Oliver Blum
With the business world becoming more and more networked, experts are needed to provide direction for investments and restructuring.

Oliver Blum

Partner, Law Leader Industries | EY Switzerland

Advises domestic and international clients on investments, restructuring as well as exits. Is being considered one of the leading Swiss specialists in corporate internal financing.

Oliver Blum is head of Legal Services and manages the Swiss corporate legal team for mergers and acquisitions.

Thanks to his many years of experience in consulting and supporting SMEs and large corporations, Oliver Blum is a specialist on a variety of topics, such as structuring, due diligence, contract issues, internal and external financing, and legal opinion.

Before joining EY in April 2016, he had worked for one of the largest international legal firms in Zurich as of 1995. He became partner in 2002 and was head of M&A/corporate law Switzerland from 2006 till he left the company. In addition, Oliver Blum was member of the global management committee for the company’s Private Equity Sector Group.

Oliver Blum publishes articles about corporate internal financing including corporate loans and cash pooling in relevant journals and speaks at conferences and industry events.

Oliver Blum studied law at the Universities of Zurich, Basel, and Chicago (Northwestern).

How Oliver is building a better working world

“Companies around the world benefit from our wide network and profound knowledge of the legal aspects in the M&A market. We help our clients meet the challenges of constant changes the M&A market is facing.”

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