Tax student opportunities

Collaborate with clients to make better decisions through insights into government policy, regulatory obligations and operations.


What is Tax at EY?

As a Tax professional, you’ll help equip organisations to make better business decisions by combining diverse thinking with the power of technology and analytics. You’ll function as a true business advisor, building trusted relationships with clients, and business-enabled tax planning that has an impact on an organisations’ financial viability and success. 

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I am privileged to lead EY’s Oceania tax practice as we transform our business into the digitally-enabled, trusted tax advisor of the future.

Scott Grimley

EY Oceania Tax Managing Partner


Business Tax Services

  • Government Incentives

    Work with a diverse range of organisations, from local start-ups to multinational companies, to identify and quantify projects eligible for the additional Research and development tax deduction and help add value to EY clients by reducing their effective tax rate.

  • Private Tax

    Support high wealth family groups and privately-owned businesses to take advantage of domestic and global opportunities and achieve their ambitions.  You’ll have the choice of specialising in family tax services (tax advice and compliance services to high wealth individuals, structuring for asset protection, estate planning and tax efficiency), business tax (tax advice and compliance for privately owned operating businesses including family enterprises and PE portfolio companies), Business Services (CFO support services including financial statement preparation, management accounting and reporting for entrepreneurial businesses) and family office services (outsourced services for high wealth family groups including bookkeeping, bill paying, investment reporting, family governance and succession planning). 

  • Quantitative Services

    Help enable a range of organisations to be more efficient in the use of their assets and the recognition of their income and expenses for tax purposes, assist in the development of analytical tools and build skills that are vital for business.

  • Tax Controversy and Policy

    Help organisations with reviews and audits including responses to requests for information, formal notices and responses to position papers. You’ll be involved in the dispute resolution process and advising EY clients in developing and documenting their tax corporate governance processes and framework.

  • Tax, Technology and Transformation

    Help provide tax technology and transformation services designed to improve the operational effectiveness of an organisation’s tax function and the efficient delivery of EY tax technical services.

Corporate Tax

  • Global Compliance and Reporting

    Help public companies achieve an efficient and effective tax function, identify tax planning and advisory opportunities and implement leading practice corporate governance procedures. Help drive efficiencies by offering leading practice services, including implementation of software solutions and robotic automation within EY client’s tax functions, with a focus on interpreting data rather than inputting data.

Financial Services Tax

  • Financial Services Tax

    Create strategies that help organisations mitigate tax risk and meet their tax obligation, whilst navigating the changing digital environment to enhance their financial performance.

Indirect Tax

  • Indirect Tax

    Help identify risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities throughout the indirect tax life cycle, helping organisations meet their compliance obligations and business goals around the world – covering everything from Merger and Acquisition activity and revenue disputes, through to using your creativity in the development and use of technology such as RPA and data visualisation  which provide clients integrity, efficiency and meaningful business insights

International Tax and Transaction Services

  • International Tax and Transaction Services

    Navigate the tax complexities of cross-border business and transactions to help organisations to identify critical strategic tax issues and advise on how to manage global tax risks and exposure.


  • Law

    Help organisations to navigate the increasingly complex legal environment of the global economy by advising on legal and regulatory, risk management, enforcement and compliance issues across multiple jurisdictions.

Careers in Financial Services and Core Services  

  • What’s the difference between Financial Services and Core Services?

    When you apply for a role, you may have the option to nominate a preference to work in either the Financial Services (FS) sector or Core Services.

    In FS, you’ll work with a diverse range of clients within the financial services industry across Insurance, Banking and Capital Markets, and Wealth and Asset Management. Our FS roles tend to have a more specialised focus; however, you’ll work on a truly global scale with multinational companies across Oceania and in some cases, Asia-Pacific. This means working in integrated teams and collaborating across different areas of our business.

    Our Core Services business is slightly different; roles here will give you access to clients across multiple industries (e.g. Construction and Infrastructure, Energy and Media and Telecoms), so you’ll get broad experience as you work across different business sectors. We’re a global business so while you’ll focus on clients within Australia, you’ll also have opportunities to work across other geographies where possible. 

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What could you be doing?

  • Working directly on tax reporting, tax technical research, data analysis, compliance and planning alongside senior colleagues
  • Working across borders, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of multinational EY clients
  • Attending client meetings, supporting proposals and developing market leading solutions
  • Working across a range of industries to address technology challenges for EY clients
  • Contributing to reports and schedules the team will provide to clients and third parties
  • Receiving on-the-job coaching and mentoring from experienced members of the Tax team
  • Getting to know EY clients’ businesses, their strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Helping to communicate the impact of your results and recommendations for improvement directly with EY clients

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  • What will you bring to the team?

    • Curiosity and an innovative mindset
    • Organisational and self-management skills

    • Research and analysis skills, including how to verify, challenge and interpret information 

    • Critical thinking, capable of complex and creative problem solving 

    • An interest in leading edge technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and automation

    • Resilience and the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances

    • Ability to be a team player in a diverse team and able to consider multiple perspectives

  • Qualifications

    Preferred degrees and majors are Accounting, Business/Commerce, Computer Science, Data and Analytics, Economics, IT/ Information Systems/Business Information Systems, Law, Mathematics and Science. To find out where your degree could take you visit our degree pathways page.

    This is a guide only and specific requirements will vary in each Tax team and location. For more information, you are encouraged to speak to an EY representative at an upcoming event.


  • Interview tips

    We want you to be the best you can be in your interview with EY. Use our interview tips to put your best possible self forward and show us what makes you, you.

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EY has a great internal learning programme, that we as individuals can participate in as much as we want. The EY Badges initiative allows for diverse learning across various areas including wellbeing, data visualisation and finance.

Caitlin Hughes

Consultant, Private Client Services



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What about the extras? 

When you thrive, we thrive. The EY benefits package goes above and beyond, focusing on your physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing.