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At EY, diversity, equity and inclusion have been part of our core values from the very start. Over 150 years ago, our founder, Arthur Young, who was hearing and sight impaired, laid the foundation for us. We’ve expanded the definition of diversity ever since, building programs to create an inclusive environment and celebrate individual differences, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, socioeconomic background, working and thinking styles, and abilities.

From the way we recruit and train our people to our corporate responsibility outreach, product and service innovation, technology enablement and workplace design: at EY, belonging comes first.

Because a better working world is one where everyone belongs — where you belong.

Are you ready to unleash the power of belonging? 

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Diversity programs advancing equity

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Networks grounding our culture of belonging

At EY, our diversity is our strength. Unique perspectives. Different backgrounds. Varied experiences. These elements shape our inclusive culture, building a workplace where each of us is empowered to be our authentic self, contribute fully and feel like we belong. We believe that a diverse team is a stronger team, capable of creating compelling solutions that help build a better working world. Our professional affinity networks represent one more channel through which we recognize and celebrate diversity, while sharing with and learning from one another — every single day.

  • EY AccessAbilities

    Everyone navigates the world differently. When we understand more about one another’s physical and cognitive abilities, we can evolve our ways of working to position more people with the resources, tools and support required to thrive at work, and beyond. EY AccessAbilities connects people of varying abilities — and allies — to foster the kind awareness that allows each of us to do our best work, and live our best life.

  • EY Black Professionals Network (BPN)

    Lived experiences vary from one person to the next. By providing a forum for Black professionals to connect within their community, and broaden internal and external networks, we are systematically dismantling barriers to inclusion. The BPN provides meaningful opportunities for Black professionals and allies to listen and learn from one another, and channel that insight into ever more inclusive recruiting, retention and engagement.

  • EY Indigenous Professionals Council (IPC)

    Reconciliation begins with purposeful commitment. Through our IPC, we provide a critical forum where First Nations, Métis and Inuit professionals – as well as allies – can address issues, break down barriers and bring people together to listen and learn. We believe that uniting Indigenous professionals and allies can help dismantle systemic racism, tackle economic disparities and foster equitable access to educational and professional opportunities. We are dedicated to building a more equitable Canada for future generations.

  • EY Latinx Professionals Network

    Belonging begins by building bridges. EY Latinx provides ongoing opportunities for Latin professionals to cultivate relationships with one another, and expand professional networks through allied relationships across the organization. By sharing goals, celebrating culture and providing mentorship within EY and in local Latin communities, this network is carving new pathways to greater inclusion.

  • EY Pan-Asian Professionals Network (PAPN)

    Open dialogue builds greater connectivity. The PAPN unites EY professionals from all regions of Asia and allies through discussions, celebrations and support that ensures our culture is shaped by the broadest possible reach of voices. Here, we are creating a platform to share perspectives and continue influencing positive change within the organization and beyond.

  • EY Professional Women’s Network (PWN)

    Equity is a step towards equality. Our PWN connects professional women through allyship, mentorship, sponsorship and advocacy. This influential forum surfaces insights that shape our culture, policies and programs as we seek to create a working word grounded in equality within our organization, and across the Canadian market.

  • EY Today’s Family Network (TFN)

    Families come in every shape and size. The TFN recognizes the intersectionality of our lives, and provides valuable connection points for us to share knowledge and seek balance — together. This underpins a sense of belonging that enables each of us to navigate the many priorities that characterize our lives and thrive.

  • EY Unity (for 2SLGBTQIA+)

    Solidarity is fundamental to inclusion. Through EY Unity, our 2SLGBTQIA+ professionals and allies recognize experiences, address intersectionality and transgender awareness, and build community impact internally and externally. This is one more way we seek to ensure our people are seen, heard, valued and respected always.

2022 corporate responsibility report

2022 corporate responsibility report

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