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Gagandeep Singh

Associate Partner, Tax
Areas of focus Tax compliance Technology
Office Calgary, CA

Gagandeep has over 12 years’ experience in tax transformation, tax function effectiveness, corporate and international taxation including GST.

Gagandeep’s practice focuses primarily on advising clients across all sectors on improving the efficiency of a tax function. It includes areas such as tax transformation, tax function effectiveness, tax process improvements, tax process automation, ERP implementation from tax perspective, tax compliance efficiency and automation.

Gagandeep has worked in the consulting as well as in the industry. He has developed a close understanding of client requirements having worked himself in such roles and understood the dependencies on other functions within an organization. Such experience reflects on the advise to clients which already factors potential issues or concerns which may arise.

Gagandeep has worked in many countries including India, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Poland and Indonesia thereby developing a global tax knowledge. Gagandeep was part of the team leading efforts in building finance shared service centre.

Gagandeep has been a frequent speaker on various international tax topics related to the tax transformation for various tax organizations including the Canadian Tax Foundation and the Canadian Petroleum Tax Society.

How Gagandeep is building a better working world

As businesses transform around the world and tax authorities become more digital, I help clients improve the way they do tax through improved operating models incorporating enhanced processes, automation and tax data intelligence.

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