Photographic portrait of Keith Matcham
When we embrace change as an opportunity, we set tone from the top for our people, and foster the kind of innovation that can enable us to grow.

Keith Matcham

EY Canada Financial Services IT Risk Leader

Advisor and consultant focused on helping financial services embrace the upside of digital. Avid tennis and squash player. He and wife Lyanne have three children – Chloe, Daniel and Annie.

As EY Canada’s Financial Services IT Risk Leader, Keith knows that weaving digital effectively throughout a business strategy can shift the narrative within an organization and help innovation to flourish. 

Committed to working with clients on their journey to digital transformation, Keith is a seasoned advisor who blends vast EY experience with expertise cultivated through industry roles in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

He collaborates with Canadian companies from coast-to-coast to identify ways of seizing the power of digital. With a keen focus on identifying, mitigating and managing risk along the way, Keith’s practice helps clients marry the upside of disruption with the new face of customer expectations. 

Keith is a Chartered Accountant. He graduated from Loughborough University in England with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering.

How Keith is building a better working world

“Financial services now represent a two-way marketplace. The way customers want to interact with these organizations is so different from anything we’ve experienced before. I love working with clients to zero in on those changes, position them as opportunities, and build out the plans that allow them to capitalize on the possibilities – all while dialing down the risk.”

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