Digital Passport

In Banking and capital markets

The Digital Passport technology platform enables the secure and traceable exchange of customer information for small and medium enterprises, through digital channels controlled by authorized users.

What we can do for you

The first wave of know-your-customer (KYC) processes involved the creation of vendor-driven data repositories. However, these approaches yielded limited value.

The data-sharing economy is powering a second wave of KYC solutions. Our Digital Passport platform leads this wave. Its customer-centric thinking and collaborative approach deliver genuine value to customers, banks, regulators and governments.

Digital Passport is a step change in technology — from legacy data repository to secure, permissioned exchange of digital identity and customer information among collaborating stakeholders.

We designed Digital Passport to target the economically critical small and medium enterprise (SME) segment of your customer base.

Digital Passport’s benefits include:

  • Easier engagement for SMEs with banks and other service providers
  • Better risk outcomes at lower cost for banks
  • A foundation for new value propositions to SME customers
  • Ease of collaboration within and across industries
  • Support for the regulatory agenda, moving to customer-controlled data, Open Banking and greater competition
  • Acceleration of government-related digital strategies by driving initiatives such as digital identity and digital tax

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