Schamim Hamzian

Schamim Hamzian

Assistant Director, Corporate Responsibility Lead | EY Switzerland

Corporate responsibility professional passionate to contribute every day to a better working world by integrating sustainable thinking in every business action and decision.

Office Zurich, CH

Schamim is the Corporate Responsibility lead for EY Switzerland. She is a strong advocate for responsible, sustainable and conscious business conduct. She considers Corporate Responsibility as a pivotal part of EY’s strategy and purpose. To create long-term value for EY’s clients, EY people, the communities and EY’s performance she applies her knowledge and strengths by engaging with relevant stakeholders, identifying material topics and facilitating the definition of EY’s ESG ambition, strategy, execution plans, initiatives and performance monitoring. She is collaborating in an interdisciplinary ecosystem to reduce EY’s environmental footprint, transform its social impact and to govern transparently and fairly. 

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