Diversity, equity and inclusiveness

Diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture and equitable opportunities, drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation, increase organizational agility and strengthen resilience to disruption.

Inclusive organizations maximize the power of all differences and realize the full potential of all their employees. This minimizes blind spots, and encourages truly innovative thinking, which is critical to help organizations deliver long-term value in today’s global marketplace.

GES certificate

EY awarded global equality standard (GES) recognition

GES is one of the first worldwide diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) certifications of its kind. It is used to provide an in-depth diagnostic of all aspects of DE&I. It allows employers to assess the extent to which DE&I is embedded throughout the organization’s systems, processes and operations while providing guidance on leading practices and valuable benchmarking. EY joins several other world renowned organizations in obtaining this honor and this is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness.

Belonging Barometer 3.0

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EY is committed to an inclusive workplace where all our employees can develop to their full potential and drive innovation by being entrepreneurial, creative and open. Our goal is to maximize the power of our differences by leading inclusively and being value focused.

Robin Errico

Assurance Partner, Chief Risk Officer, DE&I Chair, Corporate Sustainability Chair


Andreas Blumer

Chairman and Assurance Partner

"I always talk openly and comfortably about my husband and our children – as a partner and Chairman of EY Switzerland and a professor at the University of St. Gallen, I want to be a role model for the LGBT+ community.”

Shahar Liebermensch

Director in Business Consulting

"My husband and I were fortunate to become parents as the Parents@EY program was launched bringing us many benefits including extended parental leave, phased return and coaching for parents. Upon my return, my team has been extremely supportive on all levels. Leaders advocate for and stand behind my flexibility needs, team members listen and provide support to make flexibility possible. As more colleagues become parents, I am sure we will continue to expand and embed flexible work arrangements in our culture."

Gian Andrea Kollegger

Consultant in Business Consulting

"As a Purple Champions local network co-lead, I directly influence building an inclusive culture that is disability confident and help making our spaces, processes and technologies more accessible by people of all sensory, motor, cognitive and neurological abilities to ensure everyone can fully participate at work and beyond.”

My Career: It's mine to build

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    WEF's Global Parity Alliance as a leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness initiative

    EY Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence (NCoEs) have been recognized by World Economic Forum's Global Parity Alliance as a leading Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness initiative.

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