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Whether your company does business with a multinational footprint or operates in a single country, tax and finance professionals are expected to navigate through largely uncharted territories, while maintaining an enterprise-wide view across the accounting life cycle.

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What EY can do for you

Our financial professionals can help you build a strong data foundation to improve the efficiency of your compliance and reporting processes, whether you are a large or mid-sized company. The operational support we provide facilitates year-end closing, the quality of information for audit purposes, and the quality of tax data for business, employment or corporate tax disclosures.

We can assist as you navigate local reporting during a finance transformation or during periods of significant growth. We work with you to efficiently prepare both local and consolidated financial statements, reduce year-end disruption and facilitate a smoother audit.

These are our Accounting service offerings: 

  • Loaned staff (On-site support for your accounting requirements)

    Your Situation: You are facing an expected or unexpected challenge and need a solution immediately.

    • Your head of accounting, chief financial officer, head of payroll administration or one of their respective deputies is not available (e.g. quit, is on maternity leave, medical absence, special company leave or is fully occupied with another internal project).
    • Your company is growing in an exceptional high pace and you want to ensure that your company continues to operate optimally.
    • Your company faces significant seasonal peaks.
    • You have an exceptional internal project to complete which requires specific technical skills and/or resources that are not available at your company.
    • You want to ensure your accounting, finance and payroll departments continue to operate efficiently until a permanent solution is found.

    Our Services: Fully integrated in your organization we step in for all or only for part of your company’s accounting, finance or payroll functions. Our suite of services include:

    • We identify your needs and provide customized, effective services so your company can operate optimally.
    • We define the roles of your team, and of our professionals who are working for you.
    • We use a special methodology that enables us to determine if our professionals are doing their jobs efficiently.
    • We critically review, based on our work, the way your finance and payroll operations are organized and suggest improvements.
    • We formalize the methods used and transfer our knowledge to the relevant employees in your company.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting processes

    Bookkeeping is part of the wider Accounting Compliance & Reporting (ACR) services. Bookkeeping primarily involves the preparation of the day-to-day financial accounting, including the required reconciliations. This can also include the preparation of a trial balance and General and Accounting ledger reports, which are the basis for Financial Statement Close Process (FSCP) services. We can also support you with on-site bookkeeping services and, if we do not perform any preparation activities, we can review your companies’ bookkeeping for taxonomy compliance. The above may include postings (otherwise known as ledger entries).

    Overall, we help your company with the financial accounting of transactions, specifically with the following processes:

    • Record to report entries
    • Purchase to pay
    • Order to Cash
    • Cash or Bank payment bookings

    If you are posting all transactions, we can review all financial transactions in the accounting system. This includes the listing of all journal entries and general ledger overviews.

  • Statutory reporting services including GAAP conversion

    Statutory Reporting services are part of the wider Accounting Compliance & Reporting (ACR) services. Statutory Reporting involves the preparation of required statutory financial statements or other financial information. This may comprise a complete set of financial statements, or, as required, less comprehensive financial information based on Swiss requirements. This service is always based on the availability of your company’s final trial balance. Statutory reporting services can also include:

    • Preparation of a group reporting package in accordance with Swiss GAAP or IFRS.
    • Preparation of supporting information required by your entity’s external or internal auditors, and liaising with the external auditors on the year-end statutory audit.

    We can prepare interim financial statements, merger balance sheets, financial statements in case of liquidation and other Swiss required financial compliance reports.

    Overall, we help you comply with Swiss regulatory requirements, which mandate the periodic reporting of financial and non-financial information. The reporting form and content includes Annual Statutory Financial Statements with a balance sheet, income statement, notes and disclosures.

  • Finance transformation support

    Your Situation:

    Your CFO is concentrating on a  restructuring project (e.g., merger, acquisition or spin-off). Due to the exceptional assignment and the multi-disciplinary skills needed, you are facing a personnel bottleneck.

    • You want to strengthen your team in order to meet deadlines without compromising on quality.
    • You want to utilize new skills that your team does not yet possess.

    Preparatory assessment:

    • We evaluate the operational, accounting, tax and financial circumstances.
    • We help define the optimum methodical approach.
    • We simulate the balance sheet after restructuring measures to show the  potential tax and accounting impact.
    • We help show the accounting effects of the suggested measures.

    Preparation and implementation:

    • We identify and plan for consequences related to legal aspects, social insurance obligations, tax matters, legal and financial aspects.
    • We support the working group that determines the effects of changes in  your accounting and finance  department.
    • We prepare and check the necessary accounting entries with your  representatives.
    • We prepare interim financial statements
  • Assistance in financial statements close process

    Financial Statement Close Process (FSCP) services are part of the wider Accounting Compliance & Reporting (ACR) services. FSCP services primarily involve preparing a final trial balance, starting with either your entity’s underlying accounting records or a preliminary trial balance. As part of the FSCP services we also prepare the underlying reconciliations and other breakdowns (e.g., tangible fixed assets depreciation schemes or bank reconciliations) and the year-end/financial reporting period journal entries overview.

    We help you in the process of closing the financial accounts at the end of the financial year. This can include the following activities:

    • Preparing or assisting your entity with closing your Group/Swiss accounting records and producing a trial balance
    • Reconciling the accounting records and identifying adjusting entries required to prepare the statutory financial statements or other financial information

    Working with Statutory Reporting: If the accounting records are maintained using the financial reporting framework of the group, and not in your entity’s Swiss financial reporting framework, we can perform Group-to-Swiss GAAP bridging with in-depth knowledge of US GAAP, IFRS and Swiss GAAP.

    Working with Tax: Collecting data for the tax compliance work and for the preparation of the tax provision for the statutory financial statements.

Trust is down to people, how they deliver on their promises and the reliability of their advice. I commit to select a team based on the trust that I have on their ability to reliably deliver and exceed client expectations. 

Juan Leston

Accounting Compliance Reporting (ACR) Leader, Office Managing Partner Lausanne | Switzerland

How we can make the difference

1. Capacities in Switzerland 

The extensive EY network — combining Global Delivery Centers with a local presence across 150 jurisdictions — means both a globally consistent and tailored response is provided, according to your need and process in scope.

2. Processes 

A standard process blueprint, with a suggested split of responsibilities, can be adapted to your requirements to cover all finance and tax processes. Your business can increase its process depth and outsource additional activities, as well as add entities not included in the original scope — and widen the scope further with new value-added processes.

3. Technology

The EY platforms are flexible enough to accommodate your requirements with the possible integration of automation tools and reporting technology. Next-generation tools equip the business with AI-enabled data analytics, keeping a constant pulse on the company’s health and performance. A company-wide platform with harmonized data structure and real-time financial reporting makes integration of new businesses faster. It also helps you to respond instantly with updates and actions.

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