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EY believes in a future world of work that empowers your people, organization and customers to create long-term value. Leveraging technology, talent and our global reach, EY helps you design sustainable new people strategies that work for you. 

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    In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are shifting gear from survival mode to sustainable success. There’s no going back to a world where people spent all day, every day, at the office. Our collective response to the pandemic has fast-tracked digitalization by five to ten years – and given people a taste of another world, another way of working. As we prepare to embrace a new normal, organizations have to decide which elements to keep, and how to design a future people strategy around irreversible trends.

    EY sees three critical success factors in making work work:

    • Put employees at the heart of the people strategy
    • Enable remote working with the right technology at the right time
    • Build a sustainable business model fit for the future

    Our People Advisory and Corporate Strategy and Tax teams take a 360-degree view to help you design the future of work at your organization. A sustainable people strategy aligns factors like personal preferences and wellbeing with business, tax, legal and societal requirements. We start by assessing impacts and interactions in Tax, Mobility and People and Organization.

    Our clients are seeking answers to questions like:

    • How do we optimize the current operating model (protect, enhance or transform) and financial outcomes whilst still ensuring access to the best talent?
    • How do we best understand, align and address the needs and expectations of our customers and employees?
    • How can we skill/upskill/re-skill the workforce at large whilst keeping productivity and engagement levels high?
    • How do we use technology to facilitate sustained collaboration and enable our corporate culture and values?
    • What is the optimal (hybrid) working model and how does it support and enable your business operating model?
    • How do you create value through your talent, HR and Mobility functions and safeguard long-term and sustainable value across the business, tax and people value chain in an ever-changing environment?

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    Where does your business stand on its journey to the future of work? And how can you get to your destination? Every better question you ask could be the drop that starts a ripple of action, innovation and fresh thinking that will change your world of work. EY supports you in asking and answering the questions that will propel you and your people to a sustainable future.

    Our solution-driven portfolio is designed to govern, protect and enhance your people strategy. As you navigate this period of disruption, we empower you to emerge with approaches that drive long-term value for all stakeholders while addressing relevant aspects of “work reimagined”. EY helps you enable your most valued assets: your people.

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