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Digital Manufacturing Technology is at the core of any supply chain transformation project in life sciences, food and beverage, speciality chem or consumer packaged goods industries. Through the utilisation of data & process analytics and the latest digital enablers, we merge the physical and digital worlds to improve efficiency and identify manufacturing process improvements by collaborating with people, process and technology at the right levels.

EY Ireland's Digital Manufacturing Managed Services

Digital Manufacturing Managed Services

Our Digital Manufacturing Managed service is designed to support the critical IT and OT infrastructure and applications in the manufacturing environment, sustaining high levels of stability and reliability, with a cost effective, compliant solution, ensuring that the site delivers the products on time as planned.


What EY can do for you?

The supply chain landscape is in a constant state of change and organisations must increasingly rely on operational excellence through digital transformation to grow. Through a consultative engagement approach, we facilitate identifying area(s) of improvement & help execute projects for the customer. This enables manufacturers to optimise efficiency by breaking down data into actionable insights, produce more accurate demand forecasting, improve quality assurance and enables predictive maintenance schedules, all while promoting safety on the factory floor.

Our Manufacturing 4.0 Digital Maturity Assessment Framework can be leveraged for Pharmaceutical Digital Maturity Assessments at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing sites to understand as-is maturity and identify Themes & Opportunities for Digital Transformation.

We apply a vendor-agnostic approach, delivering the right solutions for each client. With extensive experience across the life science industry, our team has the skills required to provide clients with transformative solutions. We work closely with our clients to create proof of concepts, to drive innovation, and support solution adoption by enhancing and adjusting solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. 

  • We help our clients achieve manufacturing excellence by ensuring the correct combination of people, process & technology.
  • We support Pharma Manufacturing sites in their Industry 4.0 journey at every step through a combination of:
    • Factory of the future strategy based on a joint vision
    • Collaboration with leadership team
    • Determining full stack digital strategy
    • Investment and change/transformation journey
    • Develop value based business cases for cybersecurity, digitisation and others 
    • Multiyear action plan linked to measurable outcomes as standalone or managed service 

Core Client Service Offerings:

  • Program management, transformative consulting & digitalisation roadmap

    • Strategy consulting and transformation program management services for improving digital business process & solution architecture
    • Consulting services for digitalisation, planning and prioritisation
  • Process improvement & manufacturing excellence

    • We identify manufacturing process improvements utilising data and process analytics including statistical trending, multivariate analysis, machine learning and AI
    • We help our clients achieve manufacturing excellence by ensuring an all-inclusive approach, incorporating people, processes and technology
  • Supply chain management & emerging technology integration

    • Using a single-pane-of-glass (one-stop shop), we provide our clients with full product visibility throughout the supply chain
    • We merge the physical and digital worlds using the latest digital enablers including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), cloud, industrial internet of things (IIOT) and predictive analytics to reduce waste and improve efficiency
  • Technology design, build and deployment

    • We design, build, test and deploy a range of market leading Operational Technologies (OT) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Automation of business processes

    • We support clients with the integration of operational and manufacturing technologies with their back end business systems, such as SAP and Microsoft, and help automate their business processes
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