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Customer Decision Hub

Supported by EY business processes and Pega technology, Customer Decision Hub (CDH) drives real-time, next-best-action decisions that allow for meaningful 1:1 customer engagement and optimization of customer value.

Delivering richer customer experiences across all channels

Today, most organizations collect data based on customer behavior through their marketing and communications channels. From someone opening an email, visiting a website or telephoning a call center, to shoppers leaving unpurchased items in their e-commerce carts, companies are increasingly adept at tracking the interactions they have with both new and existing customers.

However, EY Global research found that nearly half (45%) of the business leaders we surveyed do not feel their organization has the right tools in place for marketing, sales, service and customer success teams to enable a seamless customer experience. In other words, they may be monitoring this information, but they are not yet unlocking its true value. As a result, they must go beyond simply gathering customer action data and start fully integrating it into their real-time decision-making. Only then can they hope to provide the seamless, personalized cross-channel experiences customers want.  

CDH optimizes customer lifetime value by providing an “always-on brain” for businesses — consolidating disparate data and analytics, and funneling them into a single, connected platform. It enables the ability to predict customer needs and seamlessly deliver tailored interactions for truly personalized experiences.

Solutions include:

  • Consumer Complaints Management: Allows banks to categorize and route complaints, identify trends, detect emerging topics and monitor for compliance violations. 
  • Digital Financial Health Coach: Leverages Pega’s Customer Decision Hub, which triggers insightful next-best actions. The omni-channel platform provides a gamified user experience and, through task assignments, ultimately drives customers to financial health. It increases positive customer interactions, helps customers achieve their goals and builds trust with the financial institution. 
  • EY Voice: Transcribes recorded agent calls or inbound messages into text, extracting insights and driving actions. The AI-based solution uses the Pega platform and models developed by EY analytics applied to a variety of areas, including class reason classification, sales practice reviews, customer complaint routing, marketing message violations, fraud authentication and more. 
  • Next Gen Remediation: Encompasses a fully integrated remediation ecosystem including data quality, automated workflow and third-party services. The secure EY cloud-based solution is configured with constantly improving processes built to meet regulators’ expectations. 
  • Compassionate Collections: Helps lenders more effectively manage the collections process. Through the use of modeling and analytics, the solution delivers customer segmentation views, treatment strategies and optimized outcomes, which allow collections agents to have personal and meaningful conversations with their customers and respectfully work toward debt resolution.

The customer landscape is evolving rapidly, meaning the businesses that lead tomorrow will be the ones that transition to a more agile and intelligent approach today. This connected approach uses integrated real-time insights to identify next-best-actions across all interaction channels, leading to enriched and seamless end-to-end customer experiences.

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