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Featured The CFO Imperative: How do you transform data into insight?
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    Gender equality

    How to inspire the next generation of women in STEM

    Using gamified learning and content from world-renowned providers, the EY STEM App opens up a world of possibilities for girls.

    17 Jan 2022 Gillian Hinde


    How UK CISOs should prepare for a new era of growth

    Whilst the UK businesses are focussing on post-pandemic recovery, their chief information security officers (CISOs) remain anxious

    6 Dec 2021


    How poor data foundations could affect your organisation’s potential

    EY research highlights the importance of solid data foundations to the UK’s digital economy and for creating long-term value.

    7 Dec 2021 Rafal Czosnyka

    Future consumer index

    Why the new normal is about shopping better, not shopping more

    UK consumer values and desires have changed significantly during the pandemic, but affordability gaps still drive purchasing decisions.

    14 Jan 2022 Silvia Rindone


    When political disruption surrounds you, what’s your next strategic move?

    Companies will face geopolitical tensions and shifting policies in 2022. Targeted geostrategic actions can position them for growth.

    13 Dec 2021 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey

    The COO Imperative: How do you ensure your workplace is still the right place for your people?

    To retain talent and drive transformation, Chief Operating Officers must build a mutually beneficial relationship with their evolving workforce.

    3 Dec 2021 Steve Krouskos

    How sustainable finance can help decarbonize the real economy

    To fund sector-specific net zero transition pathways, financial institutions need to deepen their knowledge of the businesses they finance.

    30 Nov 2021 Gill Lofts

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