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Featured Four steps financial institutions can take on the path to net zero 20 Jul 2022
Stairs leading upwards in forest


    How can your quantum vision be transformed into a sustainable reality?

    Before a quantum transition, what sustainability risks and opportunities should organisations recognise, and prepare for?

    8 Jul 2022 Sophia Hunter


    How leaders can reshape organisational culture for the next generation

    The next generation wants a human-centred organisational culture, which offers flexibility, purpose and a sense of belonging.

    21 Jun 2022 Liz Campbell

    Consumer products and retail

    Future Consumer Index: How to embrace the rise of the K-shaped consumer

    The pandemic has permanently changed consumer behaviour — how brands and retailers react will be key to surviving the next UK crisis.

    14 Jul 2022 Silvia Rindone


    How can you prepare now for the quantum computing future?

    Our quantum readiness survey 2022 finds that UK businesses are split in this emerging and potentially disruptive technology.

    27 Jun 2022 Harvey Lewis


    Are consumers comfortable in the digital home?

    As the pandemic recedes and the cost of living rises, consumers are rethinking their relationship with connectivity and content inside the home.

    15 Jun 2022 Tom Loozen

    The CEO Imperative: How can policymakers help you weather today’s geopolitical storms?

    Businesses must adapt as governments try to strike a razor-edge balance between short-term crisis management and longer-term planning.

    8 Jun 2022 George Atalla

    How will Europe compete for investment amid ongoing turbulence?

    EY research shows that despite the compounding complexity, Europe remains an attractive foreign investment destination in the longer term.

    31 May 2022 Julie Linn Teigland

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