All candidates should be given the opportunity to be their best selves throughout the application, and at work. At EY, we have adjustments in place to make all individual applications accessible.

    At EY, we're continuing to create an inclusive and accessible recruitment process that opens the door for diverse talent.


    Talent Attraction and Acquisition Senior Advisor, and Ability Lead


    We welcome all individuals working at EY, or who are thinking about applying, to tell us what support and adjustments they need to be their best in the application process, and at work. You only need to share what you are comfortable with so we can help put the right support in place. We understand that sharing your needs with us can be daunting, so if you have any questions before or during your application, we welcome you to discuss this with us. Anything you tell us will be kept completely confidential.

    We take inclusivity seriously, and we try to ensure all candidates with disabilities or long-term health conditions receive the support and adjustments they need, we know there are always improvements that can be made. As we strive to achieve the highest experience for all our candidates, we encourage and welcome feedback on how we can work together on areas needing improvement. 

    Workplace and application support

    Some of the adjustments we frequently make to the process include:

    • Extra time to complete assessments
    • Speech-to-text and magnification software
    • Offline assessments
    • Close captions for videos
    • Early access to view assessment venues
    • Virtual alternative for any in-person student assessments

    We understand that your need for support and adjustments doesn’t end with your application. Making workplace adjustments to support people with disabilities or long-term health conditions can benefit both the individual and our business. We want all our people to be able to work effectively so they can contribute to the success of our firm. Removing barriers or providing additional support can help people perform effectively.  So here are some of the adjustments we’ve made for colleagues at EY:

    • Adjusted responsibilities and workload
    • Adjusted hours and working location
    • Ergonomic chairs
    • Priority desks in our flexible workspace environment
    • Speech-to-text and magnification software

    Inclusive networks

    Ability EY is an inclusive group, open to everyone — people with disabilities; people who manage or work with someone who has a disability; people who have family, friends or clients with disabilities; or people who simply have an interest in the area. Our overall objective is to enable the firm to be more disability confident. We are committed to providing information, tools and support to people affected by disability, as well as the opportunity for exceptional careers. Our diverse membership provides a strong support base and allows the group members to benefit from a variety of perspectives. 

    Communities within Ability EY:

    • Hearing Community
    • Mental Health Community
    • Mobility Community
    • Neurodiversity Community
    • Stammering Community
    • Visual Community
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      Students: Telephone +44(0)800 289 208 or email us


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