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While technology is essential to our ever-evolving working world, businesses will always need people. For most, people are the key to their success. So how do organisations know they have the right people in the right roles, being the best version of themselves? And how do the ways they manage human resources affect overall business strategy?

EY’s People Services help clients solve some of these complex issues. They come to us for advice on everything from planning development programmes and remuneration packages, to efficiently managing global secondments and digitising workflows. Our services help them to make changes that create better ways of working.

We’re a globally connected team whose expertise is channelled into four areas: Workforce Advisory; Information, Technology and Transformation; Reward; and Mobility.

What you can do in People Services

  • Innovation, Technology and Transformation

    We’re recognised across industries as an innovative team of tech specialists who think big and turn great ideas into reality. Emerging technologies are disrupting businesses nearly every day, so we find ways they can make a positive change and help clients to integrate them within their workforce.

    Some of the technology we work with includes AI, VR, AR and RPA, and we help people to understand and adopt processes like automation, data analytics, data science, visualisation, UX, change and process improvement. We might spend one day in brainstorming sessions helping a client with automation improvements, and be researching strategies for responding to future disruptions in a specific sector, the next. It all makes for interesting and diverse work and our services are growing in demand. 

    If you’re full of ideas and passionate about improving the way people work, join us. Bring your innovative design thinking and agile development methodologies and help turn them into applicable and commercially clever realities. You’ll get to do it in a fast-paced environment where ideas are free-flowing and unconstrained by day-to-day business operations.

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  • Mobility

    We’re an industry-leading team of employment regulation consultants who help clients to move their people around the world and create solutions for talent shortages.

    As regulations change and demand for people with specialist skills has increased, so too has the need for our services. EY is the only firm with a fully integrated Mobility team, and we help our clients to not only move their people around the world, but also do everything from overseeing the movement of their goods and belongings, through to getting their payroll right. We also have a team for compliance, which focusses on high value advisory work. 

    Join us and you’ll be part of a talented team with lots of opportunities for career progression. We offer excellent training to help develop people’s skills and mindset to become well-rounded consultants.


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  • Reward

    We’re an analytically minded team whose specialist knowledge of tax helps clients to develop the rewards and remuneration strategies that work best for their people and their businesses. 

    We advise and create remuneration, benefits and incentive plans that not only help their people feel valued at work, but also complies with regulations, supports business strategies and frames them as an attractive employer to others. One client may need National Minimum Wage advice, another, CEO pay ratio and gender pay gap reporting services, or even help with developing a global tax strategy.

    If making an impact on the world of work in this way sounds right to you too, join us. You’ll benefit from supportive mentoring and a range of opportunities to develop your skills, within a flexible working culture. We care about your personal and professional wellbeing, and encourage everyone to bring their best selves to work.

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  • Workforce Advisory

    We’re a diverse team of HR and tech experts who specialise in workplace transformation and, given that global demand for professionals with specialist skills is at its highest, we’re needed more than ever.

    We help businesses to create and manage leadership development strategies, adopt and roll-out new technologies like automation or digital identities, manage the effects of technological change on their work culture, people, and communications, and much more. At our core, we’re analytical, forward-thinkers who are driven to help clients find the solutions that highlight their employees’ strengths, in ways that are right for their business.

    If that sounds like you, you could join us in one of our business areas: Change, Digital HR Transformation, Workforce Design and Analytics, Talent, or Communications and Engagement. 

    You’ll receive support from open-minded leaders to develop your skills and grow. We’ll also help you maintain your personal and professional wellbeing with our flexible working culture. 

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