31 Jul 2021

Careers at EY in Bristol

        Working at EY in Bristol

        Since Bristol is repeatedly named one of the best places to live in the UK, it’s no wonder EY’s office in the city is growing. We have over 400 people working with brands you’ll know from your high street, from cutting-edge fintech projects to multinational banks, defence and aerospace businesses, and more. At EY in Bristol, we're all an important part of the team and there is lots of opportunity to grow.

        If you’re a student, you’ll learn by taking on new responsibilities alongside senior leaders. And if you’re an experienced professional, you’ll have opportunities to develop, lead and inspire others. Best of all, we have flexible working options so you can create the work-life balance you want. In Bristol, that could mean enjoying the city’s visual delights from street art to its fiesta balloon festival, its historic harbour that’s been transformed into a living museum and cultural hotspot, or the rich nightlife that includes everything from fine dining to live music venues. It’s also the gateway to the West and all it has to offer, as well as being excellently located for flights, road and trains.

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        Opportunities at EY in Bristol

        All of our locations throughout the UK have commonalities – but are also unique in their own right. EY in Bristol features a combination of services and departments which give it a flavour all of its own. The specialist services we offer are utilised by local clients, as well as other parts of our network both around the country, and across the globe.

        At EY in Bristol, we offer opportunities in:

        Student - AssuranceConsulting and Tax (UKI/FSO)
        Experienced - AssuranceConsultingTax and Strategy and Transactions (UKI/FSO)

        There's a brilliant balance here. Our office is large enough to look after some of the biggest names in global business, but small enough to ensure that you get the recognition you deserve.

        Andrew Perkins

        Senior Partner, South West & South Wales

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        Get inspired, feel valued and make more of an impact than you ever believed possible.

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