31 Jul 2021

Careers at EY in Newcastle

    Working at EY in Newcastle

    EY’s office in Newcastle upon Tyne is one of our largest offices in the UK and we’re on the rise, thanks in part to an ever-growing public sector. We also work with private sector businesses, including global banks, car manufacturers and local start-ups. They come for help with solving complex business advice guidance and tax services across all parts of their business.

    The variety of our clients means we can offer students and experienced professionals opportunities to develop a career with a broad perspective. Better still, ours is an inclusive, friendly office, and it’s important to know that a good week at work can be matched by fun times outside of the office. Did you know we’re within walking distance to St James’ park? Or, if football’s not your thing, you can try Newcastle’s quirky café and bar scene, explore its pop-up culture that includes open-air cinemas and beaches, and take advantage of its proximity to the Northumberland coast and countryside.

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    Opportunities at EY in Newcastle

    All of our locations throughout the UK have commonalities – but are also unique in their own right. EY in Newcastle features a combination of services and departments which give it a flavour all of its own, while also connecting it to other parts of our network around the country, and across the globe.

    At EY in Newcastle, we offer opportunities in:

    Student - AssuranceConsulting and Tax (UKI/FSO)
    Experienced - AssuranceConsulting, Core Business Services and Tax (UKI/FSO)

    EY in Newcastle has had a continued period of growth and if you join us, you’ll get to work with a wide variety of clients – big and small! Our office is just like our city; relaxed, inclusive and friendly. There’s a place for everyone here.

    Mike Scoular

    Managing Partner, Newcastle


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