Watch the EY UK film committing us to Black diversity

In July 2020, we launched our Anti-Racism Commitments and vowed to be a voice and force for change, both within our own organisation and in society more widely. We were clear that we, and others, need to do more.

We have worked with our Black colleagues to understand their lived experience at EY to help make this video. We know that we must continue to listen and encourage open and honest conversations in order to become the allies our friends deserve. 

Being ‘not racist’ is not enough – and we are taking action to ensure that EY is a place where every one of our people feels they belong and where Black talent can thrive.

Unquestionably, we expect to be held accountable to the leadership and action behind our Commitments and what they mean for the future of EY. There is much to be done but we are now having different conversations and we will learn, grow and ask better questions of ourselves. 

We will build a better and more equitable working world.

      A special thank you to our Black EY UK colleagues who featured in this film: Alexander, Geoff, Gill, Richard, Thesla and Thobeka. As well as director Rob Akin, voiceover artist Sophia Thakur and the Black crew members who made this film possible. Its making was a learning process for all non-Black contributors, who appreciate your honesty, patience and support.

      Behind the scenes

      Meet the cast and crew who made our EY UK Film possible.

      Our commitment to anti-racism

      Actions we will be taking to create long-lasting positive progress on racial equality.

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