9 Sep 2022
Jack at the EY Manchester office

Asking better questions

9 Sep 2022

Meet Jack, an Enterprise Risk Consultant based at EY in Manchester. He loves all things football and watching live games. In this article, he shares his journey from applying for an internship to joining the Enterprise Risk Graduate programme. 

I was attracted to EY’s focus on its people and seeing the measures they go to, to support you with your career development. The stories I heard from people who work at EY, and the brand speaks for itself. Despite virtually starting in August 2020, I was immediately made to feel welcome in the team and I felt comfortable being myself. I do feel included at EY. 

How did you get onto the graduate scheme at EY? 

During my penultimate year at university, I applied for one of the internships at EY and attended the experience day but unfortunately, my application did not progress after this. However, I still felt like it was a good experience as it prepared me when applying for the Enterprise Risk graduate scheme. One thing I would advise to future candidates is to ensure that you do your research on EY. Get familiar with EY’s values and research the different service lines and the opportunities available. Finally, if possible, apply for internships etc as they are invaluable experiences. 

Tell us about your graduate role at EY? 

My EY experience has been great. From my first year, I had the opportunity to lead calls and discussions with clients in the healthcare industry. This allowed me to speak to a diverse set of clients from across the country every week, whilst gaining experience and growing in confidence rapidly. I have also worked on exciting projects for a Multinational Football Group. This provided opportunities to perform testing and fieldwork on a matchday event at their stadium. As a football fan, this was a great experience.

What have you learned since joining EY on a graduate scheme?

There are many things I have learnt since joining EY on the graduate scheme. Firstly, I have learnt how to manage my time better. I must balance both work and study commitments and I’ve learnt how to prioritise so that I can always meet deadlines. I’ve also learnt how to interact and build meaningful relationships both with colleagues and clients, building these relationships helps to communicate better. I am also being stretched and learning a lot as I am studying towards my Association of Chartered Accountants (ACA) qualification. 

How do you manage your work-life balance and how does EY support you?

I try my best to manage my work-life balance by ensuring that I spend time away from my desk, especially when working from home. This includes ensuring I have a 1-hour lunch break to stretch and go outside if needed. EY actively encourage this, especially during study season. My colleagues are aware of my other commitments and will message me if I am still online past work hours. It’s good to have people outside of yourself that keep you accountable for this.

Tell us about your hobbies

I enjoy watching football, I am a big supporter of Huddersfield Town I spend a lot of my time at games or watching other football matches. I also enjoy going out and catching up with my friends. 

What's the best experience you've had since joining EY that really surprised you?

I had the opportunity to travel to London for the Graduate Level Forums in November. I was able to travel with colleagues from Manchester and have the chance to meet all my fellow graduates in London who I had yet to meet in person. I was surprised by how well we all got on even though we had only interacted virtually. 

 What advice would you give to Jack on his first day at EY?

Firstly, to ask as many questions as possible and stay curious! At first, you are not expected to know everything, and it is asking those questions that help you develop and grow quickly. Secondly, take as many opportunities as possible and say ‘yes’. They may feel daunting or be outside of your comfort zone, but by getting involved in these (E.g., leading a client meeting for the first time, working on something you have little knowledge of) is what I feel helps you grow quickly and only increases your confidence. Thirdly, make sure to take time to get to know your co-workers, especially those starting when you start. Whether that is making the effort to go into the office to have lunch together or going out after work for a drink/food, getting to know who you are working with is vital and helps contribute to having a great experience.

How have you grown at EY since starting on the Graduate programme?

I have grown massively since starting the graduate programme. Firstly, in confidence, as I have had the experience to lead client meetings, take ownership of work etc. with my responsibilities only increasing as time has gone on. Secondly, I have also grown in technical knowledge, with studying for a professional qualification helping me further my knowledge massively. Furthermore, the broad range of clients has also helped me learn a lot that I can apply in the future.

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Jack shares his journey from applying for an internship to joining the Enterprise Risk Graduate programme. 

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