5 minute read 9 Sep 2022
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5 minute read 9 Sep 2022
Keeley is a third-year Tax Apprentice based at EY in Birmingham. She gives insight into her apprenticeship journey, why she chose EY and the support available.

I am a third-year Tax Business Apprentice based at EY in Birmingham. I studied Maths, Business, Finance and Biology at sixth form before deciding on the apprenticeship route. Outside of work I love to travel and spending lots of time with my dogs.

What attracted you to EY? 

I knew I wanted to do a Degree Apprenticeship and I was interested in the content of the programme at EY but what attracted me was the qualification offered. I had received alternative offers for a Level 6 apprenticeship, but the Level 7 offered at EY, would offer the opportunity to obtain a masters. I also love where the EY office in Birmingham is situated. It is quite central with easy transport links, and many food options!

How would you explain what you do in Tax to your family and friends? 

I would explain my role to my family and friends as helping businesses to pay the correct VAT amounts to HMRC. The top three things I do in my role are; managing code metrics (margin, billing etc), maintaining client relationships and researching topics to advise clients on. I’ve been able to grow in many ways and managing client relationships has allowed me to grow in my professional skills. My favourite thing about Tax is that it applies to everything in different ways, which keeps it very interesting.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wanted to be an Accountant, and my role sometimes feels like this when I work with client's VAT accounts.

How has your role evolved during your time at EY? 

I have developed from an Assistant Tax Advisor who is learning VAT rules, EY’s systems and ways of working, to someone who now manages engagement codes, helps to manage client relationships and who works with overseas offices, and other UK offices, to provide an appropriate service to the client.

How do you balance work and study and how do your team/EY support you with this?

 I ensure that I log off at a reasonable time when I have exams coming up, and often take annual leave to dedicate whole days to my revision. I also make sure to tell my team when I have exams coming up so they are aware and can consider this with my workload. 

How has EY supported you through your career journey and helped tailor this to you? 

I have a counsellor for job-related conversations, such as promotions, or any concerns I have. I also have an Apprenticeship Coach, who speaks to me about my Apprenticeship and Professional Studies. These are both always up for a chat about my career and support me with the direction I want to steer my career path towards.

What is your proudest career moment/experience?

My proudest career moment was getting my job offer! I was so excited to tell my family and begin my career; I knew it was going to be a big change in my life. Since starting I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience since starting my apprenticeship. 

What advice would you give someone trying to start their career in Tax?  

I would encourage people interested in a career in Tax to be eager and keep their options open! Tax is a very broad term and can be separated into lots of different sub-categories – they are all interesting.

What advice would you give to a new joiner on their first day at EY? 

I would encourage new joiners to be keen and show a real interest in their business area, team, and individual clients. Be friendly – reach out to people and build a relationship early on.


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Keeley is a third year Tax Apprentice based at EY in Birmingham. She gives insight into her apprenticeship journey, why she chose EY and the support available.

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