5 minute read 9 Sep 2022
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Making an impact at EY in Bristol

5 minute read 9 Sep 2022

Meet Amber, she’s an apprentice on the Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology programme. She loves trying new food, watching films and gaming. She shares insights on working in tech, her support systems at work and her best experiences working at EY in Bristol. 

I am a Digital Apprentice and in my second year, I’m mostly involved with talking with audit teams and clients about their data. I have been able to work with a range of clients such as security clearance and High Street brands. I help them to understand and interpret their data and provide recommendations so they can understand their data better. I have also explored different areas, such as working in audit and data analytics. I am looking forward to transitioning into a senior role and the challenges and experiences that will bring. 

How did you get onto the apprenticeship scheme at EY?  

I applied to EY as a school leaver. I dedicated a lot of time to research the services that EY provide, their values and how this coincided with my own. 

What have you learned since joining EY on an apprenticeship programme?

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have learnt how to process and understand data. I have also gained experience in understanding audits. Outside of my role, I have also learned how to be professional and work alongside people with more experience than myself. I have learnt how to ask questions so that I understand things better. 

What are you studying towards whilst on an apprenticeship programme?

I am studying towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions, specialising in data analytics. EY has supported this process by giving us more than the minimum 20% of our time off so that we can have study leave.

What are you surprised about since joining EY that you did not know before joining?

I was most surprised about the culture, you often hear that it’s the best part about working at EY, and it truly is. It’s amazing to work alongside friendly and understanding people, who are also knowledgeable. I have gained a breadth of knowledge since joining EY and being around talented people. 

How do you manage your work-life balance and how does EY support you?

EY has been both supportive and understanding with my flexible work schedule. I’m able to support my family with school runs and other obligations. I have always been supported by managers and seniors to find time to switch off and enjoy my free time. In my team there are practices put in place during busy times to help support everyone. For example, finishing at 6 to prevent presenteeism.

What about diversity? Do you feel included? 

I feel included at EY I get to work with amazing women in Tech. We support and confide in each other with our personal and professional life. Having a community of women has also been encouraging, especially when dealing with imposter syndrome. Our managers ensure that we’re valued and supported. There is a great culture where everyone feels comfortable to ask questions when mistakes are made.

Tell us about your hobbies

I spend my free time playing video games and watching tv shows. I also enjoy going out with my friends on the weekend and eating good food in town.

What's the best experience you've had since joining EY that really surprised you?

My best experience at EY was finding a community of women who I resonated with. I can talk to them about them things that I previously believed I was alone on. 

What attracted you to EY, what made EY stand out from the crowd?

EY stood out to me as they are making some of the best and fastest advancements in technology and it was important to be involved in a company that is leading in this field. They also offer the MBAs which are funded by EY, and it is one of my goals to achieve one of these once I have completed my current degree as it is an amazing opportunity to better my understanding of my work.

Are you part of any EY activities or networks, tell us about your experience?

I am part of the EY Women’s Network and often join calls and talks that they host. I’ve been able to ask questions and I’ve learnt some valuable information that I will carry throughout my career. I have also become a mentor on the Smart Futures program and it feels good to know I am helping others from my own area and have an impact on their life. I also took part in a litter pick at the EY Bristol office which was fun, and I had the opportunity to speak to people I’ve never met.  

What do you love most about Bristol?

I love Bristol because I feel it is such a vibrant and cultural place. The city has a lot of soul and activity, we are home to some amazing festivals such as the Balloon Fiesta, the Harbourside Festival and Upfest. The food options in Bristol are amazing too, you can eat food from almost anywhere in the world, and there are plenty affordable choices in the markets and shops nearby to the office for lunch! 

What do you look forward to most at work?

I look forward most to working on a variety of projects and tasks with such an amazing team. My day-to-day can be very varied and I learn so much from my seniors, it can include me exploring new technologies, developing apps or helping with testing solutions. While a lot of my work is individual, I really enjoy being able to catch up with my team about what they have been working on and finding ways to collaborate to better our solutions together, and it is always a pleasure to be given a task as a group.

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Meet Amber, she’s an apprentice on the Degree Apprenticeship in Digital and Technology programme. She loves trying new food, watching films and gaming. She shares insights on working in tech, her support systems at work and her best experiences working at EY in Bristol.

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