Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness are not “nice to haves.” They are business imperatives.

Diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation, increase organizational agility and strengthen resilience to disruption. 

Inclusive organizations maximize the power of all differences and realize the full potential of all of their employees. This minimizes blind spots, and encourages truly innovative thinking. Learn how creating and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusiveness can help your organization sustain long-term success in today’s global marketplace.

To demonstrate our commitment, the Global Executive (GE) has signed the EY GE D&I statement, which underscores our increased focus on diversity and inclusiveness.

  • Women in Finance Charter

    We rigorously monitor our performance as an inclusive employer, setting ourselves clear diversity targets across all our people processes, including recruitment, performance management, remuneration and promotion. For instance, we have committed to significant increases of female and ethnic minority talent in our UK partnership to 40% female and 20% ethnic minority by July 2025. As of July 2021 we had 24% female representation in our partnership and continue to monitor progress closely.

    Our public commitment as signatories of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter is to double the proportion of female and ethnic minority talent in our UK partnership to 40% female and 20% ethnic minority by July 2025, in accordance with these aims.

Pay Gap Reporting

Under government legislation set out in 2017, UK employers with more than 250 employees must comply with regulations on gender pay gap reporting.  For EY,  pay gap legislation is more than a compliance issue, we have also published our pay gap data for ethnicity and black employees specifically, and incorporated data for our UK Partners. In 2019, we voluntarily published our disability and sexual orientation pay gaps, continuing our drive for greater transparency.



Learn how diversity and inclusiveness means growth, and see our recent awards from respected organizations who have recognized these efforts.

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