UK finalist 2020 

David Farquhar


David Farquhar

David Farquhar is the CEO of IGS Ltd, an agritech innovator, established in 2013 focused on vertical farming technology and smart building technologies. The business vision is to deliver commercial viability to the nascent vertical farming model by improving productivity whilst dramatically driving down the cost of power and labour through Total Controlled Environment Agriculture.  

The technology is designed specifically to address core challenges facing the vertical farming sector, widely considered as a fundamental component in overcoming the global food security challenges we face in a changing climate with a growing population. 

David has taken the business from a small group of innovative engineers into a powerhouse of very smart, collaborative and enthusiastic engineers, marketers, financiers and programmers. His three-decade track record as a serial entrepreneur has enabled him to attract a world-class management team to lead a workforce set to grow to 150 people across three continents. 

David is equally known for how he values culture as a platform for business growth. He practices the belief that giving people all the freedom and support they need in an open, welcoming and transparent environment is fundamental to any company's success.