UK finalist 2020 

Pippa Begg and Jennifer Sundberg

Co-CEO's, Board Intelligence

Pippa Begg and jennifer Sundberg

Pippa Begg  and Jennifer Sundberg are the co-CEOs of Board Intelligence, a mission-led technology and advisory firm. Board Intelligence is a disruptor, putting the power of technology in the hands of the board. 

Their goal is to create a world where leaders are empowered to drive the best possible outcomes for their organisations and wider society. They do this through a platform that enables boards and leadership teams to focus on what matters, turning governance into the most powerful force for good and the most powerful driver of performance. 

A former strategy consultant, Jennifer gained an insight into big company boards and the role of board information in enabling the conversations that mattered, seeing first-hand how even a board of talented and carefully selected individuals could still struggle to add value if they didn’t have the right information to enable the conversations that mattered. She persuaded Pippa to leave a successful career in asset management and hedge funds to co-create Board Intelligence.   

With their ARR growing at over 50% a year for each of the past six years, today Board Intelligence has over 19,000 users of their platform across more than 400 organisations including major multinationals and small fast-growth businesses, as well as government departments, hospitals, schools and charities.   

The pair have built Board Intelligence in the image of how they believe a business should be run, where ‘doing the right thing’ takes precedence and everyone is treated with kindness.   They have worked to create a ‘gender blind workplace, and offer the same enhanced pay for parental-leave to all employees, with a view that until it is just as 'inconvenient' to hire a man or a woman, we'll all struggle to escape the prejudice of gender.