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EY Lane4’s purpose is to build a better working world by putting humans at the centre of everything we do.

At EY Lane4, we help organisations to democratise leadership development and learning, create performance environments where success is inevitable, and put humans at the centre of transformation.

Understanding the psychology of performance and behaviour change is at the heart of our approach. Our people also bring a wealth of experience from high-performance fields such as Olympic sport, the military, the arts and diverse business environments. This unique combination allows us to walk alongside leaders, acting as trusted advisors to challenge and support them throughout their transformation journeys.

Our global reach, digital learning solutions and innovative service delivery allow for consistent development and insights across multiple levels of your organisation. 

Underpinned by sector experience and rigorous research, we transform business and people performance through these five areas:

  • Transformational leadership

    Developing future-ready leaders and teams through:

    • Leadership development training
    • Coaching services
    • Team development planning 
  • Learning for all

    Developing skills at scale through: 

    • Managed learning services 
    • Academies and programmes 
    • Learning consultancy 

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

    Moving from commitment to action to measurable, sustainable impact: 

    • DEI diagnostics 
    • DEI strategy 
    • DEI activation 

  • Culture reimagined

    Engaging people and changing organisations through: 

    • Culture alignment
    • Culture transformation 

  • Talent consulting

    Solving talent challenges across the talent lifecycle: 

    • Talent strategy development 
    • Employee value proposition (EVP) advisory 
    • Talent acquisition and engagement advisory 


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