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Financial services’ in-house legal functions are under pressure to do more with less – and our Legal Managed Services can help you meet this challenge. We combine process skills, technology and a lower-price point for high-quality legal services.

What EY can do for you

More and more financial services organizations are turning to us to help transform their legal function. EY Legal Managed Services is helping them do it all – from advising on end-to-end legal transformation projects to managing contracts through their lifecycles.

As a leading professional services provider, we’re well-placed to help the industry meet legal requirements associated with regulatory challenges – be it advising banks on the IBOR transition, working on GDPR or data privacy compliance or explaining the potential repapering implications of Brexit.

Our fully integrated, global EY law team can work with clients to help modernize and transform their legal functions, enabling them to lower costs and risk through technology, process improvement and more efficient legal outsourcing.

We also have the flexibility to deliver projects that allow organizations’ in-house legal teams to handle event-driven activity spikes that require scaled legal and technology solutions.

Our core Legal Managed Services include:

  • Entity compliance and governance

    Through our Legal Managed Services, we assist multinational financial services firms in meeting their legal obligations efficiently and cost-effectively on a global scale. We deliver an integrated and holistic approach across the legal entity lifecycle.

  • Contract lifecycle management

    EY Legal Managed Services leverages technology and refines processes to help financial services organizations turn contracting and obligation management into a business advantage.

    By unbundling end-to-end contracting process, modifying technology and re-sequencing who is best positioned to perform certain tasks, the rest of the organization can achieve increased efficiency and potentially realize additional revenue and cost savings. And by improving resource allocation, valuable internal resources can be redeployed to handle more strategic tasks within the legal department adding value across the organization.

    EY clients have used our services to meet contracting or event-driven needs, including M&A, regulatory change, litigation support, internal restructuring and entity rationalization.

    We also have considerable experience in research and regulatory mapping, as well as managed reviews and functional analysis.

What differentiates us from the competition

We can help support our financial services clients in a way that most other law firms cannot. With EY Law, our services are all under one roof, offering clients a “one-stop shop” for all their legal needs, locally and globally. One of our key strengths is the ability to provision low-cost offshore, mid-complexity onshore and high-complexity regulated legal services, all supported by customer technology.

In short, we can help clients successfully deploy Legal Managed Services to deliver maximum efficiency and value.

In our delivery of Legal Managed Services, we can draw on EY Law’s global reach and local knowledge, with more than 3,500 legal professionals across 85 jurisdictions, supported by our Legal Managed Services delivery centres around the world. The market is evolving rapidly and Legal Managed Services suppliers and Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) providers are many and varied – but can you count on them still being around in a few years’ time? With the EY Legal Managed Services offering, you get to take advantage of our legal tools and technologies that we continue to invest in, focused on improving your experience and efficiency. 

Our Legal teams work with other areas of our business such as our Advisory and Tax teams. Therefore, we can provide financial services clients with a one-stop shop; eliminating the cost and risk associated with using multiple professionals.

We also stand out from the competition because of:

  • Global delivery through EY Law
  • Technology-enabled but tool-agnostic solutions
  • 24/7 multi-language delivery capability
  • Legal function transformation services
  • Output-based pricing approach aligning more closely to business KPIs
  • Our commitment to developing law and Legal Managed Services at EY

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