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In Insurance

We help insurers thrive in an era of rapid change by offering services that help tax leaders and organizations unlock value, manage risk and improve efficiency. 

How EY can help 

In this transformative age, tax departments have an opportunity to provide more forward-thinking perspectives to help the business strategize and seize the upside of disruption and market opportunity. To help, tax leaders must embrace bold thinking and transform their operating models to shape the future of tax, innovate the workforce, satisfy rising regulatory standards and meet evolving mandates for reporting and exchanging financial information. 

With deep experience and broad knowledge in driving innovation with new technologies, proven talent, and powerful insights, our team of professionals work with insurers to automate, streamline and innovate key tax processes. 

Key services include: 

  • Next wave tax function design
  • People advisory services 
  • Legal services
  • Global Compliance and detailed reporting
  • International agenda services
  • Global captive services

Why EY

We have insurance tax professionals in both mature and developing regions to help insurers worldwide balance global, enterprise-wide tax functions with the resources needed to operate in local markets.

  • Industry knowledge: EY organization is the only Big 4 consultancy with dedicated tax teams across the globe serving the insurance industry.
  • Regulatory relationships: We have strong working relationships with tax authorities and insurance regulators around the world.
  • Track record of success: EY teams have practical experience with 100+ data and reporting transformation projects in insurance and financial services.
  • Advanced technology: Our extensive tax applications and suite of tools and accelerators help insurers deploy the solutions they need faster and with less risk.
  • Engagement with technology leaders: We have extensive alliances and collaborations with SAP, Guidewire, Hyperion, top InsurTechs and technology leaders, always seeking the right technology based on client needs and objectives.

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