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9 Dec 2020 London, GB

EY launches free Brexit App to help businesses of all sizes access relevant and insightful content – from multiple sources – all in one place

EY launches free Brexit App to help businesses of all sizes access relevant and insightful content – from multiple sources – all in one place

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With or without a UK-EU trade deal, the end of the Brexit transition period will instigate the biggest simultaneous change to the UK’s trading, regulatory, immigration, and judicial system in decades. With no precedent for such wide-ranging implications and critical outstanding questions on how new processes will work, predictable and unpredictable disruptions to business continuity are guaranteed.

Added to this challenge, with only days to go until the UK leaves the EU, businesses of all sizes are now faced with a deluge of information from sources ranging from news outlets, government and even social media – and can often be overwhelmed by the vast amounts of content available.

To help businesses cut through the noise, EY has launched a free Brexit App. The app helps businesses access government notices, regulatory updates and guidance, as well as providing updates with key developments – all accessible via one easy to use app that can be downloaded on most smart phones.

Designed to help businesses prepare for the end of the transition period and beyond, the app provides access to:

  • The latest UK Government and EU guidance
  • Direct links to the Brexit webpages of key UK trade bodies (British Chamber of Commerce, Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Federation of Small Businesses, Institute of Directors, TechUK)
  •  News updates from EY on significant Brexit developments
  •  The latest thinking from EY’s Brexit teams on actions for business

Sally Jones, EY’s Brexit Strategy and Trade Leader, commented: “Whilst many companies have prepared as much as possible, reports consistently suggest a lack of readiness particularly amongst smaller businesses — a key element of cross border supply chains.

Catriona Campbell, EY Client Technology and Innovation Officer, added: “There is simply no way that businesses can be fully prepared for what’s coming as they don’t know what they are preparing for. Therefore, they need to take all steps possible to game the odds in their favour, and one crucial step in doing this is having access to the right information sources that are going to help navigate some of the complexities that Brexit will bring. The app contains all the key information sources in one user friendly, easy to navigate place.”

The app can be downloaded from the following app stores and is completely free:

Play Store for Android

App Store for iOS

Also available is EY’s Brexit Readiness Guide for businesses – outlining the no-regrets actions to take before the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020.