Photographic portrait of Alan Maudsley
Being well connected in the local community and having knowledge of the Scottish business landscape, I support leaders to think differently about their growth strategy and work to create opportunities for privately owned businesses looking to expand internationally.

Alan S Maudsley

EY Scotland Head of Private Mid-Market

Corporate banking background. Relentless focus on driving business acquisition to EY across service lines. Leading a team which is renowned for delivering both simple and visionary solutions.

Areas of focus Growth
Office Glasgow, GB

Alan is Head of Private Mid-Market (PMM) at EY Scotland. His responsibility is to lead a team whose sole objective is to drive new-to-firm business across all service lines from the Scottish small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) landscape.

Alan joined EY in July 2019 and has a background in Corporate Banking where he had a successful career leading corporate development teams. He led and inspired his teams with a relentless desire in building market share through originating, structuring and winning new to bank connections - a trait he brings to EY.

Additionally, he holds a BA (Hons) degree in Financial Services.

How Alan is building a better working world

Alan uses his extensive knowledge of the Scottish business landscape to create opportunities for privately owned businesses interested in international expansion.

He helps build a better working world by supporting the success of those private businesses who create innovation, jobs and long-term value for society. Through his work, he is actively raising awareness of EY’s openness to work in markets not commonly associated with the firm.

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