Photographic portrait of Cassandra McCarthy

Cassandra McCarthy

EY Financial Services Wealth and Asset Management Consulting Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP

In-depth sector knowledge in wealth and asset management. Gender Finance thought leader. Sustainability advocate. Diversity and Inclusion proponent. Avid reader. Halloween enthusiast.

Cassandra works on transformations within the wealth and asset management sector as part of EY Financial Services Performance Improvement team. A thought leader in the gender finance space, she is passionate about how intersectionality will change the landscape of wealth and asset management over the coming years.

Prior to joining EY in 2016, Cassandra worked in fixed income investment management and private equity. She has experience in social entrepreneurship and focuses on finding creative ways to expand social impact in traditional finance.

She holds a BSc in Business Administration from Northeastern University with special focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship.

How Cassandra is building a better working world

Cassandra believes that sustainable investing is core to the future of wealth and asset management. Outside of serving clients, she spends her time researching the impacts of sustainable investing, with a particular focus on gender finance and intersectionality.

“Gender considerations should be applied as an additional lens on current investment strategy analysis rather than as a replacement. Gender lens investing (GLI) can influence how firms accommodate their female clients, employees, and leaders. It is still in its infancy, with potential for investment managers and clients to grow together. Advocacy, transparency, and development of accessible and meaningful gender metrics are the next steps to achieving that potential, and capturing the wealth of evolving investor needs as they look to help address gender equality worldwide.”

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