Dai Bedford
The consulting partner of the future will be an enabler of an ecosystem. It’s not about whether you’ve got the best analytics technology. It’s about whether you’ve got the network.

Dai Bedford

EY Global Banking & Capital Markets Consulting Leader

Transformation leader. Talent developer. Family man. Welsh rugby fan.

Office London, GB

Dai heads EY Global Banking & Capital Markets Consulting services and Financial Services Ecosystems and FinTech initiative. He is a recognized global leader in transformation, most recently in leading ecosystem development and embedded finance initiatives.

He is focused on the potential of emerging technologies, including FinTech, AI, blockchain and advanced analytics, to drive transformational change in both the Financial Services industry and the wider commercial ecosystems.

He helps EY clients seize opportunities to drive growth and profitability in a world of new business models, ecosystems and competitors, across all sectors such as automotive and consumer.

Dai holds an MMath in Applied Mathematics and MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of St. Andrews.

How Dai is building a better working world

“After the financial crisis, I spent my time rebuilding resiliency and trust in the global banking system, specifically leading a five-year transformation of a global tier-one bank.

I am now focused on how all sectors can transform their value propositions and drive long term value from the adoption of new business models and ecosystems, leveraging embedded finance in everything they do.”

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