A photographic portrait of Dan Mullins
PFM is powerful enough to influence critical institutional change at the margin. It can be a long-term change agent if all parties understand how it serves their mutual interests.

Dr. Daniel R. Mullins

EY Global Public Finance Management Leadership Team and US National Tax, National Director State and Local Tax Policy Economics, Ernst & Young LLP

Global. Purposeful. Context driven. Mindful of institutions and incentives. Passionate about good governance. Invested in mulilateral development missions. Father. Husband. Scholar. Teacher.

With 30 years of experience as an academic and 25 years of experience as a World Bank consultant and local government executive, Daniel is a Global Public Finance Management (PFM) Leader and US National Director of State and Local Tax Policy Economics.

Clients he serves include cities, states, nations, multi-lateral institutions, national aid and development organizations and private and non-profit organizations.

He has extensive knowledge of taxation, expenditure, economic development, fiscal structure and capacity, PFM systems and sector reviews.

Daniel is also an educator and scholar, having taught public finance in the US and at international institutes. For over a decade, he was editor of a leading government finance journal and directed two academic research institutes.

He holds a PhD in Public Administration, Finance and Policy from Syracuse University, an MPA from the University of Georgia and a BS in Natural Sciences and Public Administration from Central Michigan University.

How Daniel is building a better working world

“As reflected in my fields of study, role as an educator and work with international development organizations, my mission is in public service. I hope I have brought that orientation to EY and to client service. My skill set – research, writing and project work – has been largely engaged in the pursuit of a better working world through improved government and public policy.

This takes place through improved government operations and a strong relationship between the population, private and not-for-profit sectors and governments in pursuit of mutually beneficial outcomes and understanding. Be it economic development, fiscal restructuring or justice sector reform, understanding of, respect for and cooperation between sectors are critical to maximizing outcomes for clients and populations.

A better working world does not simply happen. It needs to be nurtured, embodied in actions and intent and lived. I strive to do so.”

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