Photographic portrait of David Wilson
The future of the sector is challenging but exciting. The increasing use of technology within the traditional construction and engineering model will be seen as an attractive career proposition for the next generation.

David Wilson

EY Global Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction Assurance Leader

Global Assurance Leader in Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction. Auditor of all classes of real estate. Helps clients prepare for changes in accounting requirements. Enjoys sailing and golf.

David is the Global Assurance Leader for the Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction (RHC) sector at EY.  He specialises in the audit of real estate and construction entities whether they are publicly listed, private companies or partnership entities. David’s experience includes the audit of all classes of real estate including offices, shopping centres, residential, logistical warehouses and leisure complexes.

David became a partner in 2009 and is a qualified accountant in Australia, UK and the United States.

How David is building a better working world

As the real estate and construction industry continues to move through the market cycle and the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, David is passionate about providing confidence and assurance to businesses in this sector around their financial reporting obligations. David frequently speaks at industry events and publishes articles to help companies address these challenges and opportunities.  


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