Portrait of Donovan Justice
I love helping companies solve complex problems with great people and simple technology choices.

Donovan Justice

Partner, Digital Engineering, Ernst & Young LLP

Developer at heart. Design graduate. Founder of an award-winning digital agency. Digital Engineering Leader at EY. Favours momentum over headline-grabbing strategies. Proud dad of two ambitious girls.

Donovan has 20 years of technical experience as a front-end and JavaScript developer. His knowledge of web technologies and understanding of technology with purpose enables clients to leverage the latest technology to best service humanity, sustainability and growth.

Prior to joining EY, he established and led a digital agency — specialising in product strategy, digital transformation, design and development — for over 18 years.

As a leader in digital transformation projects, he has built successful partnerships through digital innovation and collaboration. Working with his team and clients, Donovan has implemented transformational solutions across a wide range of public and private sector organisations, providing an end-to-end service.

How Donovan is building a better working world

In his role, Donovan is committed to putting technology to work. His mission is to find a balance between technology and humanity.

Donovan does not deploy technology for technology’s sake. Instead, he prefers to communicate effectively, and utilise technology to solve the problems and challenges of his clients. His optimistic attitude has created impressive growth for his clients, when supporting them through digital transformations.

Donovan is passionate about nature conservation and his role to tackle climate change. He is a big believer that technology has a positive role to play in helping us build a better, more sustainable future. That is why he is always exploring ways to use technology to protect and repair our planet, whilst creating digital products and solutions with the right technology — in the most digitally sustainable way. 

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