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Our mission is to create and support pathways for young people and entrepreneurs into education, employment and enterprise.

EY Foundation

An independent charity helping young people

The EY Foundation helps young people facing barriers to entering the labour markets and supports social entrepreneurs scale up sustainably.

The EY Foundation works with disadvantaged young people, employers and social entrepreneurs. It helps young people, regardless of background, to realise their career ambitions and transition into work, higher education or self-employment.

Established in 2014, the foundation has so far helped more than 1,000 young people in major cities across the UK.

The EY Foundation initiatives include;

Smart Futures: a 10-month programme equipping 16-17 year-olds across the UK with employability skills, as well as paid work experience and access to a mentor.

Our Future: an employability skills and work experience programme, accredited by the The Chartered Management Institute (CMI), designed to help 16-19-year-old facing significant barriers to employment find a job.

School to work: a campaign to embed an accredited framework of employability skills into the national school’s curriculum to ensure young people are better prepared for the world of work.

Accelerate: an intensive course working with social enterprises to provide skills capital such as business coaches, workshops, networking and project support in order to help them make a bigger impact in their local communities.

How EY Foundation is building a better working world

“Our mission is to reduce the barriers to work so many young people face, inspire and engage them to achieve their working potential. We continue to work with social enterprises and entrepreneurs to aid in sustainable scale up to have the greatest possible impact on their local community and social change. We believe every employer in the UK, regardless of size or sector, has an important role to play in facilitating young people’s development in providing a great start to their working lives and creating a better working world.“

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