Photographic portrait of Graham Richter
The tax industry is facing a wave of disruption. Now is the time for tax leaders to prepare by transforming their functions and making the best use of technology.

Graham Richter

Partner, UK&I Tax Technology and Transformation, Ernst & Young LLP

Business transformer, emerging technology aficionado. Father and ultramarathon runner.

Graham is responsible for helping tax leaders navigate the change and disruption that lie ahead, including the use of rapidly evolving technologies, tax authorities moving to real-time digital submissions and the increasing pace of regulatory change.

Graham has spent two decades of his career designing, building and deploying large scale technology solutions and helping businesses transform in order to improve their performance.

He is particularly passionate about emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), quantum computing and helping companies deploy these in order to gain a competitive edge.

How Graham is building a better working world 

“My job is to be the bridge between the two very different and complex worlds of tax and technology. I thrive on finding new solutions to old problems that would never have been possible without innovative technologies."

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