Photographic portrait of Heather C Alleyne
Financial Services firms should continuously put their customers at the heart of their strategy and transformation agenda and seek to enrich their journey, every step of the way.

Heather C Alleyne

Partner, Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate about helping clients achieve good customer outcomes. Advocate for creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. Enjoys travelling, keeping fit and spending time with family.

Heather is a Partner in Financial Services at Ernst & Young LLP, experienced in retail banking, with a strong focus on regulatory change, customer outcomes, strategy and innovation.  

Heather supports clients in navigating their response to Consumer Duty and the broader regulatory agenda, including but not limited to vulnerable customers, consumer credit and conduct and compliance. 

She has assisted firms with responses to ongoing scrutiny from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in areas such as customers in financial difficulties, customer outcomes, assessment of detriment and harm across multiple product types, as well as customer journeys, and risk and control frameworks. 

She has also led several Skilled Person reviews.

Previously, Heather was the Group Compliance Director at a large bank.

How Heather is building a better working world

Heather continuously works to ensure that the clients receive exceptional service as she helps them in their journey to transform and achieve sustainable growth. Heather helps clients to focus on the needs of consumers by harnessing insights and supporting them to understand, analyse and respond to changing consumer behaviours. She does this through the enrichment of data, analytics and technologies. This enables clients to transform for a better future and a better working world.

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