Photographic portrait of for Laura Henchoz
I am inspired by the progressive and exciting work happening in our business. I am motivated to help clients’ businesses thrive through technology innovation.

Laura Henchoz

EY UK Client Technology Markets Leader; Director, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Commercially minded product marketing leader. Driven by challenge. Fitness enthusiast. Torchbearer for the PyeongChang Olympics 2018.

Areas of focus Technology AI
Office London, GB

As the Client Technology Markets Leader at Ernst & Young LLP, Laura is responsible for the client technology hub and emerging technology functions.

Laura leads teams of dedicated professionals to develop technology solutions for clients and service lines. She also draws on emerging technologies including responsible artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, quantum computing and the metaverse to create new opportunities and revenue streams.

Laura joined EY after 25 years in consumer technology sales and marketing, where she held leadership positions across multiple global brands. From this, Laura brings to the organization a wealth of experience, especially in commerciality, product marketing and transformative leadership.

How Laura is building a better working world

“Aligned with the purpose of building a better working world, my “why” for doing what I do is to bring greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to technology without hindering innovation.

My passion for exploring new ways to achieve parity for underrepresented groups in technology has led me to become an active participant in the Women in Technology community. I’m delighted to support the community by hosting keynotes and panel sessions at conferences.

To accelerate the journey toward a fairer technology space with strong transformational outcomes for the business and the clients, I am passionate about creating working environments where constant learning and curiosity are encouraged, to help ensure my team can grow.”

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