Photographic Portrait of Mira Pijselman
We can no longer afford for ethics to be an afterthought in our search for trusted intelligence. The time for responsible innovation is now.

Mira Pijselman

Senior Consultant, Technology Risk, Ernst & Young LLP

Digital ethicist, researcher, consultant. Bridges the gaps posed by emerging technology risk through responsible innovation. Dedicated to empowering the next generation of socio-technical talent.

As a member of the UK&I technology risk practice, Mira works on a variety of client engagements related to ethical artificial intelligence (AI) assurance — Trusted AI — and data governance. She is also deeply engaged in thought leadership regarding the ethics and governance of emerging technologies, such as quantum. In particular, she is passionate about moving the conversation on digital ethics from principles to practice to enable a trusted technology ecosystem.

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, she has a background in technology governance in the financial services sector, where she gained broad exposure and experience in areas ranging from e-discovery to enterprise architecture.

Mira holds an MSc in the Social Science of the Internet from the University of Oxford and a BA (Hons) in Ethics, Society and Law, and Peace, Conflict and Justice from the University of Toronto.

How Mira is building a better working world

Mira has foundational knowledge in digital ethics, as it intersects with big data, AI, smart urbanism, internet regulation, technology-policy issues, and quantum technologies. She leverages her skill set to help clients identify and remediate AI risks; augment their data-governance capabilities; and stay informed of the promises and pitfalls of emerging technologies. Mira is also an advocate for investing in socio-technical talent to ensure that resources are in place to proactively establish governance in the face of potential disruption.