Photographic portrait of Remco Bleijs
I enjoy entering into dialogue about ways in which sustainability can be embedded in an investment strategy.

Remco Bleijs

Partner, Asset Management & Sustainable Finance, EY Advisory Netherlands LLP

Is proactive, pragmatic and goal-oriented. In close consultation with the client, sets razor-sharp goals, monitors deadlines and works toward optimal results.

Remco is an Associate Partner at Ernst & Young Accountants LLP, Netherlands. He advises financial institutions on their future resilience and sustainable finance proposition. Also, for non-advisory clients, Remco provides assurance at Asset Managers and on Sustainable Finance.

Remco has been working on sustainability for over 10 years now — long before the topic made the news — and helps clients in the financial sector to differentiate themselves from the competition.

He studied Accountancy at Nijenrode University in Breukelen, Netherlands, and has been working with the EY organization for 31 years.

How Remco is building a better working world

“I enjoy pointing out unique ways for companies to be more recognizable to their customers, and to show them the impact they can have on their customers. There are important issues that are directly related to their businesses and have a great impact on the results of the company — in the longer term.”

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