Rob Tannen
The success of an application, and its return on investment, depends on how well it is learned and adopted − yet many organizations do not effectively scrutinize their digital experiences.

Dr. Rob Tannen

EY Intuitive Senior Director of User Experience Teams

User-centered design manager and researcher. Patent aficionado. FIFA gamer.

An accomplished design thinker, Rob leads EY Intuitive’s collaborative teams of user interface researchers, designers and developers to provide innovative user experience approaches.

Prior to joining EY in 2015, Rob held leadership positions at product development and user experience consulting firms. In addition to extensive experience in the financial services sector, he has contributed to award-winning solutions in a variety of domains, including aviation, consumer products and medical devices.

Rob has been credentialed as a Certified Professional Ergonomist and an Expert Design Witnesses, and is a co-inventor on several user interface utility and design patents.

He earned a doctorate in Experimental Psychology & Human Factors from the University of Cincinnati and continues to contribute to academic and industry publications and conferences.

How Rob is building a better working world

”I focus on defining and designing digital experiences that provide the right information − in the right way − for EY clients and their partners and customers. Maximizing return on technology investments starts and ends with understanding end users. The benefits of user-centered design include better informed decision-making, greater efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.”