Photographic portrait of Rohan Malik
I aim to be a catalyst – designing and executing transformation change, realising visible, measurable and sustainable public value. Driven by building a better world for citizens and communities.

Rohan Malik

EY UK&I Government & Infrastructure Managing Partner

Advising transformational programmes of social, economic and technological changes. Seasoned martial arts practitioner. Father who encourages his two sons to use their talent to make a difference.

Rohan is personally accountable for strategic relationships with ministers, senior officials and the opposition.

Previously, Rohan worked as the EY Global Government Sector Deputy within Ernst & Young LLP, supporting 30,000 professionals across 90 countries. He has a wealth of experience in advising governments from over 50 countries on economic growth, trade and investments, data and digital (including artificial intelligence), workforce transformation, sustainability and infrastructure, to design and help in delivering transformation programmes to achieve tangible and sustainable public value.

He has an MBA from Manchester Business School, and proudly champions race and gender equality.

How Rohan is building a better working world

"My passion to make a difference has deep roots. Growing up in India, where 250 million people lived in extreme poverty, I wanted to channel my energy to working with governments to change lives. Having lived and worked in 50 countries, I have helped governments adopt effective strategies and technologies to meet their changing citizens’ needs."

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