Photographic portrait of Santhosh Kumar Lalgudi
Technological changes are disrupting our industry in unprecedented ways. Staying proactive and adaptive is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for tax functions to remain competitive.

Santhosh Kumar Lalgudi

Ernst & Young LLP US Tax Technology and Transformation Blockchain Innovator and Emerging Technology Leader

Emerging Technology Solutions Leader in Tax Technology and Transformation. Technology teacher. Perennial student.

Santhosh is a Blockchain Innovator and Emerging Technology Leader in EY Tax Technology & Transformation (TTT) services. He brings a decade of industry experience spanning investment banking, capital markets, insurance and private equity.

Based in New York, Santhosh serves EY TTT’s intelligent automation clients through architecting approaches that leverage technologies such as blockchain, robotics and machine learning. In the past, he has led the technical execution for EY Tax’s first blockchain engagement, providing tax advisory and systems implementation support around digital inventory reporting and compliance for a major FinTech client. Prior to joining EY in 2017, he served as the FinTech CTO for a mid-sized US firm.

Santhosh’s goal is to help deliver operational excellence for clients through process engineering and introducing technologies such as blockchain and AI.

He holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and is the first EY platinum badge recipient in blockchain.

How Santhosh is building a better working world

“Collaboration is key to achieving success through innovation. I work with clients as an innovation partner to understand their challenges and introduce approaches  that simplify the complexities around their data, systems, and processes. My aim is to help EY clients to not only stay current, but remain a step ahead of the ever-demanding technology curve. This way, they can make better, easier and faster decisions.

In my journey of implementing new technologies to tackle these disruptive times for our industry, I focus my efforts on sharing my learnings through team building and continued education. Learning and sharing my knowledge and experience has been key to not only my own professional growth but also that of the teams I work with  ̶  inside and outside of EY.”

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