Photographic portrait of Taylor Dewar
Building stakeholder confidence starts with credible plans that stand up to diligence, anticipate the inevitable challenges in a restructuring and provide a platform for robust negotiations.

Taylor Dewar

EY-Parthenon Senior Partner, Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy, Ernst & Young LLP

Restructuring advisor focused on achieving results. Family man with interests in many touch line sports. Keen marathon runner to compensate for interest in food and fine wine.

Working across the credit advisory arena in various industries, Taylor is a Senior Partner within EY-Parthenon UK&I Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy practice. He advises stakeholders such as boards, trustees, corporates, regulators, government, funders and investors on sustainability, adapting to a changing environment and how to protect, improve and recover value and transform the outcome.

Having joined EY in 1996, he has over 20 years of experience helping organisations across all sectors build operational, financial, stakeholder and regulatory resilience.

How Taylor is building a better working world

"With a passion for achieving consensual outcomes and preserving value, I work with key stakeholders to ensure competing perspectives are understood, ideas are developed, consensus built and results achieved.

My satisfaction comes from overcoming challenge and adversity, whether it be reaching the finishing line in a marathon or a multi-party restructuring."

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