The UK Climate Business Forum

Bringing together businesses and future leaders to turn the UK’s green ambition into a reality.

The need to reduce carbon emissions and slow down global warming has never been in sharper focus. UK businesses and the Government will need to commit to unprecedented levels of action and collaboration to deliver an adequate response; download the report (PDF).

Our purpose of building a better working world inspired EY to create a unique forum to define and drive the action that businesses need to take, and the support that they require from the Government in this report. The Climate Business Forum brings together leaders of 11 iconic UK businesses (generating almost £100bn in revenue and employing over 300,000 people) with 21 young students, entrepreneurs and professionals who represent the leadership of tomorrow. 

Read the report (PDF) to discover the recommendations provided by the Climate Business Forum.     

You can also explore the thoughts of future young leaders and ours below. 

Download the Climate Business Forum report

Explore 11 actions that UK businesses should consider to improve their sustainability strategies and how the Government can help.

Read the report