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A strategy to decarbonise your business is now essential. Developing a credible plan to achieve net zero will support upcoming UK regulatory requirements and prepare companies to thrive in a low-carbon economy. EY Carbon will help you plan for net zero, transform your business and build trust with stakeholders. 

The UK Government pledged at COP26 that listed companies and financial institutions would be mandated to publish plans on how they will decarbonise their operations. 

HM Treasury launched the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) in 2022 to develop the ‘gold standard' for private sector climate transition plans. The TPT’s Draft Disclosure Framework now offers vital guidance on what’s required of businesses to create a credible net zero transition plan.

Whilst the deadline for mandatory transition plan disclosure is yet to be legislated, sustainability for businesses now has a clear focus ─ decarbonisation. 

We help business leaders to reach actionable answers to questions, such as:

  • What are the opportunities and risks related to the net- zero transition? How can sustainability create and protect value for my organisation? 
  • How do I create a business strategy which achieves both net zero and my strategic ambitions?
  • How do I build a credible net zero plan and business case which achieves buy-in with stakeholders?
  • How do I access the financing required for transformation?
  • How does my operating model need to change to achieve my net zero strategy?
  • How can we transform quickly and effectively? 
  • How can we build and measure trust as we transform?   

We provide the help that you need to execute your plans at any point in your net zero transformation journey, supporting any level of maturity with services, such as:

  • Climate risk modelling 
  • Net zero strategy and planning 
  • Access to financing 
  • Renewable energy supply
  • Product and process innovation 
  • Operating model design and implementation 
  • Change management 
  • Non-financial reporting and disclosure 

What differentiates EY?

Climate experience 

We leverage climate insight from our market-leading Climate Change and Sustainability Services practice

End-to-end capability 

EY Carbon brings together a multidisciplinary team across tax, supply chain, law, technology, finance, people management, and strategy and transactions. 

We are doing this ourselves 

EY is carbon negative as of 2021 and on track to be net zero by 2025. Our EY Carbon methodology reflects the dynamic processes that we are taking and evolving to achieve these important milestones as a global organisation.

Value-led approach 

As a part of the EY purpose to build a better working world, we are committed to making business work for sustainability and making sustainability work for business. Our approach to net zero transformation embodies this principle.  

UK businesses need to push ahead with developing actionable plans that enable their organisations to transition and reap the benefits of net zero.

Rob Doepel

EY UK&I Managing Partner for Sustainability


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How UK firms are approaching net zero planning

EY research assesses FTSE100 decarbonisation plans against the UK Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) Draft Disclosure Framework.

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